Kickstarter Announcement!

The Bottom Line Up Front

The Ambrosia Kickstarter launches 22 March 2018


Why We're Using Kickstarter

Ambrosia has been in development since 2014 as a small side project. Last year, we self-funded our first full-time developer, and the game has grown leaps and bounds. We can now see the finish line and are ready to bring this game to the world!

We are looking to raise funds to finish out asset creation: art and music. Ambrosia's unique look and fun art style is a key part of the experience, and we want to deliver the highest quality to our players! The ability to pay our artists and musician full-time to work for us will be critical to complete the game in a timely manner. Without quick, rapid funding, we are always in danger of losing access to our freelancers as other projects come up for them.

Additionally, we would like to port the game from PC to Sony's platforms, and that will come with its own costs and challenges. The funding here will let us do that too!

We are committed to completing Ambrosia and putting this game in the hands of our fans, regardless. But we believe funding at this time will allow us to deliver, completely.


What Ambrosia is About

Ambrosia is a 2D platformer with Mega Man-paced action and Metroidvania-styled exploration. It stars Iris, an explorer and engineer who travels to the distant island of Aspida to find her friend, Gus. Along the way, she will contend with the island's defenders, robots of the powerful Ambrosia Corporation, and unlock the island's deepest secrets.

The real meat of Ambrosia, however, is our weapon customization system.

As Iris explores the island, she will outfit herself with an array of weapons, from the experimental pulse breaker to traditional rifles and revolvers. Ever the inventor, Iris is able to tinker and fiddle with her weapons using schematics found throughout the island to unlock powers and abilities beyond the weapon inventor's wildest imagination!

In other words, the player can change up their weapon behaviors to exhibit a variety of different possibilities. Do you want a larger, more powerful pulse blast, or a weaker blast that spreads over a larger area? Do you want a slower reload with an armor piercing rifle round or the ability to double your magazine size? And when each weapon has multiple behaviors that can be modified, and when those modifications have a cumulative effect on each other, things really get interesting!


We'd Love Your Support

Although we're not ready to announce the funding needs or backer rewards quite yet, rest assured we are looking for ways to show our support for all our fans - even those who can't afford to fund! If you are reading this, we appreciate you. You have no idea. Really. It means a lot. And we hope you will get to play Ambrosia soon, and love your time with it when you do!