Steam Page Launched!

Hey, folks and friends!

It’s been a wild month as we’ve been bringing on new talent, prepping for our first in-person appearance (at the MIX! Come see us if you’re around Seattle!), and now… launching our very first store page on Steam! Huzzah, milestones!

Ambrosia: now on the internet! Again!

Ambrosia: now on the internet! Again!

This won’t be for pre-ordering or purchasing early access — for now, we just wanted to get the listing up so that we have another place to point folks when they’re interested in tracking our progress. If you happen to be one of those people, come on in and take a looksie! Peruse our product details! Tell us about our weird grammar or spelling errors!

Here’s the link to the store page!

Most importantly, please wishlist us if you want to support us! It’ll be another way for you to be informed when we have news or the game goes on sale, and it helps us a lot to be able to tangibly gauge interest!

Well, that’s all from me! Lots going on right now — some pretty big stuff happening behind the curtain — and somehow I’m more excited than ever about where Ambrosia’s going.

Thanks as ever for keeping up with us! Take care, and have fun!


Ambrosia on Steam - Friday, 30 August 2019!

UPDATE: We have now have a date to accompany this news! Ambrosia will be listed as “Coming Soon” on Steam tomorrow, Friday, 30 August 2019! An auspicious date, as it coincides with our first public appearance! Follow us to stay in touch. We will post the Steam link in this space!

Until then… stay frosty. Or warm, if you live in the southern hemisphere.


Original post:

While the team is busily preparing to show Ambrosia at the MIX Seattle this week, I figured I should let you all know that we will also be launching our Steam store page this week! I know some of you have been looking to add us to your wish list to better track the game, so stay tuned for updates. I’ll send out an exact date soon!

The release date for Ambrosia is still sometime in 2020, which may also be news to some of you. We will do our best to nail down a timeframe for you guys for the Steam listing, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone by setting the wrong expectation either. Game development is the most unpredictable of beasts…

More to come. Talk soon :)

March Progress Report

How’s it going, everyone? It’s been a hot second since our last post, so I thought I’d take some time to talk about how things are progressing.

The short answer is: well!

Our big focus this month has been gearing up for the Kickstarter, which consistently feels like it’s approaching all too fast. Balancing marketing and game production is quite a task, it turns out! It’s interesting being on this side of things, after I’ve spent so much time following indie devs from a safe distance. It’s no surprise to me that the experience is about as fretful and pressured as it’s made out to be. But it’s nonetheless been a fun, exciting time, and the response to our screenshots/videos has been very encouraging! I’m very thankful to everyone who’s had such kind things to say about our precious li’l game so far, and been slamming those 'like' buttons. You’ve been fantastic! I appreciate every bit of interest, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come!


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Kickstarter Announcement!

The Ambrosia Kickstarter launches 22 March 2018!

Ambrosia has been in development since 2014 as a small side project. Last year, we self-funded our first full-time developer, and the game has grown leaps and bounds. We can now see the finish line and are ready to bring this game to the world!

We are looking to raise funds to finish out asset creation: art and music. Ambrosia's unique look and fun art style is a key part of the experience, and we want to deliver the highest quality to our players! The ability to pay our artists and musician full-time to work for us will be critical to complete the game in a timely manner. Without quick, rapid funding, we are always in danger of losing access to our freelancers as other projects come up for them.

Additionally, we would like to port the game from PC to Sony's platforms, and that will come with its own costs and challenges. The funding here will let us do that too!

We are committed to completing Ambrosia and putting this game in the hands of our fans, regardless. But we believe funding at this time will allow us to deliver, completely.

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About Discovery

Oh, it’s time for me to write one of these?

How’s it going, everybody! My name’s Ian, and I’m the designated level designer for Ambrosia. Despite what Mike thinks, I’m not from rural Oklahoma. I grew up in one of the largest towns in the state. He just thinks it’s rural because there was a barn and horses on my property, and the satellite images around my house just happened to show mostly farmland. Whatevs, Mike!

Anyway, here I am! Despite my lifelong passion for video games, and penchant for creating things in or adjacent to games, I was never quite sure if I wanted to make video games my career. I like playing games. Exploring games, learning about their worlds, experiencing their story, delving into their mechanics — everything related to the act of discovery. But there’s no discovery in a game that you, yourself, are designing, right? You know everything that’s going to happen, right?

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Escape the Ordinary

Allow me to introduce you to our new video game.

It's called Ambrosia, and it's about an engineer named Iris who travels to a distant island to search for her missing friend. In the process, she grapples with an army of strange and wonderful robots, exotic creatures, and a few other surprises. To overcome these challenges, she will need to uncover powerful tools to traverse the island and utilize an array of weaponry to challenge her foes.

"I get that," you say. "But what does that mean?"

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