Steam Page Launched!

Hey, folks and friends!

It’s been a wild month as we’ve been bringing on new talent, prepping for our first in-person appearance (at the MIX! Come see us if you’re around Seattle!), and now… launching our very first store page on Steam! Huzzah, milestones!

Ambrosia: now on the internet! Again!

Ambrosia: now on the internet! Again!

This won’t be for pre-ordering or purchasing early access — for now, we just wanted to get the listing up so that we have another place to point folks when they’re interested in tracking our progress. If you happen to be one of those people, come on in and take a looksie! Peruse our product details! Tell us about our weird grammar or spelling errors!

Here’s the link to the store page!

Most importantly, please wishlist us if you want to support us! It’ll be another way for you to be informed when we have news or the game goes on sale, and it helps us a lot to be able to tangibly gauge interest!

Well, that’s all from me! Lots going on right now — some pretty big stuff happening behind the curtain — and somehow I’m more excited than ever about where Ambrosia’s going.

Thanks as ever for keeping up with us! Take care, and have fun!