From the Shadows with Love

Day 483. My exile into the frozen nether continues. My spoon is missing. I started talking to a roll of duct tape instead. It is my new best friend. I pray nothing around here breaks, lest I be forced to make a difficult choice between function and companionship.

Been awhile, huh, folks? Wassup! I think when it comes right down to it, both Nate and I are just not the best when it comes to this whole “talking about the game” thing. We’re not naturally inclined to make a big deal of what we’re working on ‘til it’s good and ready. Almost like in our brains there’s something inherently unpleasant and egotistical about advertising our game while we’re still working on it. Which of course isn’t right, because there’s nothing wrong with sharing excitement — it’s fun and engaging! So many other devs do such a great job of it! This just seems to be our mental hurdle when it comes to our public face currently. I guess we’re just sort of the private, tinkering types?

With that said, I’m going to vow to stop taking up real estate in these blog posts with commentary on the perpetually-seldom state of our installments, and also stop naming them things that nigh-instantly date them. Startinnnnggggg… now!

Ambrosia_2019-3-28 orbery.png

Things have been trucking along. It feels to me like there’s still a lot to be done, but I think that’s because I’m staring up close at the details. When I zoom out and survey the whole scene, it’s actually looking like a pretty complete picture these days. The world’s been shaped, all enemies but maybe two or three have been programmed, we’re working on the final wave of weapons/mods, and the equipment/relics system has taken on its final form. Bosses are only about half complete, but we didn’t even really even start on them until a few months ago. So, so far so good? Unless we run into some drastic snag, we’re on a good track to get this thing finished this year! (I started this paragraph with a truck metaphor but ended it with a train metaphor… hmm. Oh well. Can’t possibly change that now.) [It’s a truck that transforms into a train! - Nathan]

Ambrosia_2019-3-28 pioneerery.png

Art is probably where we’re going to see our biggest delay. The most tenuous aspect of our production is that neither Nate nor I are artists, which means we’re working with freelance artists to get the game’s visuals in place. The people we’re working with have been awesome, especially for being willing to work with us on a consistent part-time basis. It does mean we can only get so much so fast though, and sometimes leads to delays if they need to focus on other work. This is where that Kickstarter money would’ve come in handy, but if it works, it works… right? Well, I guess it doesn’t always work. We ended up losing our tileset artist to a more consistent job (which is totally understandable, so there’s no hard feelings there), so we are now scratching our heads a bit as we figure out the best way to finish out the rest of those assets. One way or another though, we’ll get it done! Even if I gotta make ‘em myself! (Wait, WHICH way do you hold the pen?)

Ambrosia_2019-3-28 housery.png

Before too long, we’ll be trying to get train-trucking on our QA process. I mean, the game’s like super playable from end-to-end right now, so why not? Like any shy first-time devs, we’ll probably start by bugging our close friends and family, and then from there start hitting the wider world for some much-needed feedback and opinions! Personally, kinda scary to imagine, but darn if it’s not also exciting!

Well, back to it! Hit us up if you have any questions or comments! Otherwise-aloof as we are, we love hearing from folks — and shout-outs to all of you who have been hitting us up and striking up such nice conversations with us on twitter DM’s and E-mail. It’s been awesome to have your support.

Thanks, y’all! ‘Til next time!