The "Now It's October!" Blog Update!

Live from our sequestered jungle lab, this is Team Ambrosia! Happy October, folks!

For better or worse, I’m the kind of person who has trouble taking the time to stop what I’m working on in order to talk about it. “Well, maybe I’ll write a blog post if I finish [x], [y] and [z] today,” I might say to myself. But usually finishing one task just leads me right on to another and I never wanna break my stride while I’m working. So I don’t, and another day passes without me writing anything, then a week, so on, so forth, forsooth. It’s good to keep workin’ along, but it’s also kiiiind of important to at least let people know Ambrosia’s still alive and kicking, right?

Well, it is alive and also it is kicking! And progress has been good, basically across the board!

Ambrosia_2018-10-18 snowmissiles.png

The game world is now a nigh-done deal, so that’s cool. We’re bound to make more changes as new enemies and mods are introduced to the game and ideas for improvement are stoked. But the biggest blanks and open questions in our outlines have been answered and carried out — kinda crazy to say, I think the map has taken on the adult shape it’s going to keep all the way to the final product! We can start the game at the beginning and play through all the way into the final chapter now, go figure, and we’re feelin’ pretty good about it. Of course, I’m still adding little secrets and side areas constantly, so… well, hey, it’s too much fun! I can’t stop! I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!!

(With that, I think my utter incorrigibility is now a running theme of these blog posts)

Ambrosia_2018-10-18 shroomgarden.png

And the “content pass” is catching up nicely — that kinda key part where we make all the rest of the stuff that will actually go *in* the game’s stages. It feels like lately in particular, the world’s really been coming to life. I don’t know if we’ve talked about this much — Ambrosia’s world is comprised of roughly ten distinct regions, but we’re aiming to make them more than just visually distinct. With Ambrosia we really wanted to give each region a unique identity in terms of its challenges, objectives, and even design rules for how each stage is constructed. In a lot of ways it’s small things. The deep caves are more tunnel-like and have lower ceilings but more flat ground than other areas. The forest has the most abundant “platforming” in the form of tree branches you jump on. The mountains are made of more angled terrain than any other area. The city buildings are comprised of a lot of perfectly square-shaped rooms — simple stuff like that. But then you take these basic rules and layer on top of them region-specific enemies with unique behaviors, region-specific objects with different interactions, and new types of puzzles/objectives to solve... every place really starts to feel wholly different from the last. So far we think our approach is working out! Hopefully you’ll agree, haha!

Ambrosia_2018-10-18 mineshaft.png

Also crucial in giving character to each area in the game is music! Which, by the way, has also been coming along nicely! We mentioned before that we’ve been working with composer Jonathan “Jonny Stixx” Germann, whose work you may have already heard in the form of that unreasonably-amazing trailer theme he made for us. He’s been keeping up the good work and filling out the soundtrack with great themes that are, themselves, very instrumentally distinct from one another — really helping us hit home our desire to give each corner of our li’l world its own personality. I’m definitely biased, but I’m over the moon every time we get another track from him.

Here’s a li’l snippet from one of his earlier tracks. A mellow piece for one of the opening sections of the game. I think it sets a good mood for the exploration.

With that, I think I’ll wrap this post up! But not before putting Nate on the spot: he should be making a post before long talking about more about weapons and mods. Look out for that! He’s the architect behind all the game’s customization systems, and personally I always enjoy hearing him talk about the thoughts behind his ideas… he sometimes thinks he prattles too much, but it comes from a place of passion, so what’s not to love? Anyway, hope my public strong-arming helps get him to share it with y’all too! =D

Anyway, hit us up if you want to comment or ask questions! Our social media game’s been a bit rusty lately as we’ve been all-in on developing, but we still at least keep our eye on activity even when we’re not posting!




Keep on keeping on, y’all!