Escape the Ordinary


Allow me to introduce you to our new video game.

It's called Ambrosia, and it's about an engineer named Iris who travels to a distant island to search for her missing friend. In the process, she grapples with an army of strange and wonderful robots, exotic creatures, and a few other surprises. To overcome these challenges, she will need to uncover powerful tools to traverse the island and utilize an array of weaponry to challenge her foes.

"I get that," you say. "But what does that mean?"

We like to think of Ambrosia as a "Megavania" game - a non-linear, exploration-based action platformer with a focus on the tight, snappy combat you find in action games like Mega Man. It's not procedurally generated, and it doesn't have punishing combat (unless we get enough funding to consider one!). But it does have a secret feature too: weapon customization.

We're not talking skins here. Think Borderlands, except driven by the player. In other words, if you want to build a crazy gun, you can - provided you have the gun and the mods needed to make it crazy. But none of it is random. You find mods in the world, you slot those mods into weapons, and Ambrosia will give you the natural, expected result. 

So for example, you might equip a mod on a gun that lets it charge up for a more powerful shot. Separately, you might equip a mod on that same weapon that splits the projectiles into two - a typical splitter weapon idea. Equip both mods, and you can charge up your gun to fire split power shots.

This is only scraping the surface. Over the coming weeks and months, we hope to show you more of what we've been building. We think you'll like it. The game itself has been in development, one way or another, for many years now, and we believe we have at last entered in the final year! So let's do it. And yeah! Come along with us. We'd love to have you.

Talk soon.