A storm of white-hot gunfire. A single shattering bullet. Or a cataclysm of photons. The choice is yours in Ambrosia! Customize your arsenal with rule-based, game-changing mods to overcome Aspida's ruthless foes in this futurepunk explore 'em up.

Build it better. Build it Ambrosia.


About the Game

Ambrosia wraps blistering Mega Man action and seamless Metroidvania exploration around a deep, rule-based weapon-customization mechanic. Players will also craft specialized equipment to unlock new movement options, defensive powers, and other abilities.

Set on Aspida, an island colonized by a futurepunk society, Ambrosia pits engineer Iris in a contest against ruthless machines and belligerent wildlife who, one way or another, do not welcome the presence of the plucky interloper. The story unfolds as players investigate the unexplored wilds and abandoned cities of the island in search of Iris' companions. Along the way, they will enlist the aid of the Manitari, native 'shroomfolk who have survived whatever cataclysm has gripped the island's human cities.

Aspida's encounters are varied, but the weapon customization system gives players an intuitive toolbox to play with. For example, say Iris is up against an armored mini-factory discharging a swarm of flying killer machines. How could she deal with this? She could use piercing bullets with her revolver to damage multiple enemies at once. Or she could use splitter shots with a powerful charge-up on her pulse breaker, sending a wave of searing plasma to smash through the flyers. Or just pound the factory with missiles before it can even react. Players decide for themselves how they want to play, as each mod has a cumulative effect on the others. No two Iris' will ever be alike!

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