Ambrosia is a 2D "Megavania", featuring tight side-scrolling gun-play and exploration. Players customize their weapons with rule-changing mods to build clever contraptions... or just really big guns.

Ambrosia tells the story of plucky inventor and airship engineer, Iris, who is searching the Aspida’s island labyrinths for her friend. Iris can tinker with her weaponry along the way, allowing her to create unique effects and discover new gameplay mechanics. Take one part Charging Pulse and one part Shot Split to create a Charging Split Shot!

Iris does not stop there, of course, and she can craft equipment through Ambrosia’s simple but fun system to uncover new movement abilities, defensive abilities, and more! No two Iris’ are ever like!

The adventure spans over a dozen visually distinct and beautiful areas, with colorful bosses and cunning enemies. It's a fresh take on Metroidvania, bringing run-and-gun gameplay into the exploration-heavy genre.